Consultations with Dr. Wright




Naturopathic Wellness consultations: 


Increasing wellness through action.


Dr. Wright will review your health history and discuss your concerns as well as factors that make up your health. Together you will review challenges and identify potential obstacles to wellness.  Dr. Wright will formulate a plan including recommendations for intake of nutrients or changes to dietary patterns, use of supplements, exercise, counseling, acupuncture, massage, and other supportive therapies.






Naturopathic Oncology consultations: 


Strategies for health during cancer treatment.


Dr. Wright will talk with you about your diagnosis, review records and coordinate a plan to help fight cancer, improve vitality and prevent side effects of treatment. The goal is to establish a relationship that is supportive and provides the best evidence based care with natural therapies in combination with standard of care approaches. Dr. Wright believes that  conventional cancer treatment along with options for use of natural therapies offer the best form of cancer care. Often this is a combination of NCCN guided care ( and Naturopathic strategies to reduce side effects of cancer treatment, improve quality of life, support prevention of recurrence and potentially enhance survival.


Fee schedule:


Oncology consults:

Initial: 60 min/$225  

Follow up: 45 min/ $100


Wellness consults: 

Initial: 45-60 min/$175

Follow up: 30 min/$80


Dr. Wright reviews health history, imaging, lab work and medical records, current health status including symptoms and any conventional and natural treatments being used. During the initial visit, Dr. Wright talks with you about lifetime health history, and works to identify areas of challenge as well as strengths. At the close of the visit Dr. Wright creates a plan for use of natural therapies, increased awareness and better balance. This includes a detailed rationale for each aspect of the plan regarding diet, lifestyle, supplements, resources and advocacy ~ to support the best outcomes and a positive experience while working to build health.






How to schedule a consultation


To schedule an in-person consult in Philadelphia PA or a tele-consultation at a distance with Dr. Wright: 


 Call: (215) 327 0757   OR     Email: 






For confirmed, scheduled tele-consults, please go to: at the time of your appointment. 



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