Consultations with Dr. Wright 

Dr. Wright believes that an integrative approach offers the best form of care. Integrative oncology is a combination of NCCN guided treatment ( provided by your local oncology team AND use of evidence based, supportive natural therapies. Our goals are to help fight cancer, prevent the side effects of cancer treatment, and to improve overall health in survivorship. Ultimately the goal is for you to feel great!


Integrative Health Consult: 


Increase wellness through action.


INITIAL: Dr. Wright reviews your health records and medical history and discusses your concerns as well as factors that make up your health. Dr. Wright will recommend some initial tools to get started with  including use of key natural therapeutics that are tailored to you and that address root causes. 


FIRST FOLLOW UP:  Dr. Wright shares a detailed plan to address your best health, answers questions, and together you create a starting point for incorporating specific natural therapies discussed. Includes details about dosages, route and timing for administration of supplements as well  nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and resources. This visit is typically scheduled 1 week after the initial visit.


SECOND FOLLOW UP: This visit is to assess progress after incorporating the recommended plan and is typically scheduled 4-6 weeks after the initial visit. This allows time to assess progress, adjust dosages, review labs or imaging and add new elements if needed.




Integrative Oncology consult: 


Optimize health in survivorship.


 INITIAL: During the initial visit, Dr. Wright reviews your records, talks with you about your health, your diagnosis, the treatments recommended by your providers, and your goals. Dr. Wright addresses your concerns and supports you to participate in informed decision-making. Dr. Wright shares the most up-to-date evidence on natural therapies to coordinate safely with your condition and cancer care plan.


FIRST FOLLOW UP: Dr. Wright shares a detailed plan for use of natural therapies and includes resources and advocacy ~ all tailored to support your goals and the best outcomes possible. This visit is typically scheduled 1 week after initial visit and covers details such as dosages, routes and timing of administration for natural therapies as well as specific therapeutic goals for nutrition and lifestyle changes.


SECOND FOLLOW UP:  A visit is assess how the natural therapies are supporting you. At this visit we make adjustments to dosages, respond to new information, review labs and scans and continue to move forward in discussing and implementing next level care. 


To schedule a consultation


Request an appointment directly:  OR   Call: (302) 319-4961.


Dr. Wright will email forms and availability for appointments. Please send completed intake form, health questionnaire and signed consent 48 hours prior to confirmed visits.


For integrative oncology visits please send pathology report from diagnosis, along with most recent labs and imaging reports. Fax forms and records to: (267) 907-8893.




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